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Being performer is a Company in service to the cause of providing best solutions in all areas of your life. We are known to turn around your professional world as well as personal space by shifting perspectives and enhancing prospective.


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Safe Work Places

Exclusive positive reinforcement technique motivates folks adopting safe behavioral practices specific to address and spread awareness... Read More

Strategy Coaching

Leading with leaders, "The Grey Pool contributes factual understanding, proficient skills and experienced practice... Read More

Organizational Team Building

We build a warm working environment relation around where people express ultimately building supportive work places... Read More

What our customers say

When I got introduced to Being Performer, I wanted to realise my full potential and wanted to experience the "highest-me" every moment. I was blessed to have Being Performer as a Coach. It was truly transformational for me. From an introvert to believer of the supreme power, the journey has been awesome. It has been fun, easy, mystical & simple. What makes coaching unique is the way Kaizen understands person’s patterns, beliefs and needs and customises coaching methodology and tools. There is immense respect & high confidentiality for what you are experiencing or sharing.

Ashwin Patil

I am an entrepreneur and have attended many trainings. I can say with deep gratitude that being coached by Being Performer has been very uniquely nourishing. The way Being Performer gently holds the space with deep love and commitment, it feels like the universe itself is coaching me through a compassionate being. Their ability to be empty and available, rigorous follow through, being in touch with the Source make it possible for me to touch that beautiful and real me more and more. Words are insufficient to express what Being Performer is enabling for me.

Rohit Desai

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